Conscious Leadership


The 21 Days Journey That Boost Your Power



A 21-day introspective journey that explains the foundations of your behaviours, invites you to adopt simple practices and offers kind support.

  • to understand and act
  • to live in abundance 
  • to become a beacon of happiness, longevity and positive impact
  • to find serenity and meaning in your journey
  • to take time for reflection and strategic planning
  • to take care of the most important person on this planet

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Cutting-edge and innovative learning

Self-paced and at your convenience

Proven success for high performance

Online Advanced Certification

Enhance Self- Awareness

Measure your 

  • physical, emotional and mental toxicity
  • consciousness level
  • stress level
  • leadership style
Gain serenity to face difficult challenges

Attract and retain talents

Ensure sustainable growth

Adapt to new technologies

Be an example for your followers

Motivate your teams

Guide your children

Connect with like-minded Peers

Find support and bond with new friends 

A complete program designed for abundance

This program is for leaders who

Navigate disruptive challenges while focusing on well-being

Aspire to lead with serenity and make impactful decisions

Prioritize talent retention, adaptability, and motivation

Seek alignment of personal values with company vision

Commit to addressing technology, sustainability, and diversity challenges

Encounter resistance to change from peers and long-standing executives

Aim to set an example of success and well-being for family and team

Are concerned about employee disengagement and stakeholder support

Dive into the wisdom of "ELEVATING CEO CONSCIOUSNESS," our guiding book, to

Lead by heightened wisdom thanks practical tools

Learn the six-step framework for making pivotal decisions in critical moments

Navigate challenges with the right map and compass

Free your full leadership potential and inspire teams to excel

Find your answers to fundamental questions of purpose and values

Transform limiting beliefs and heal emotional wounds to unleash your Superpower

Foster employee engagement and stakeholder support

Who am I ?


  • Transitioned from a Psychologist to a prominent figure in Banking
  • Served as a Consultant at McKinsey
  • Held the role of a Successful CEO
  • YPOer since 1998
  • Act as a Positive Psychologist, Energy Medicine Practitioner, and Executive Coach
  • Known for boosting Consciousness in CEOs



  • Successfully sold his company at the peak of his career
  • Guided numerous leaders towards achieving abundance and well-being
  • Developed an influential six-step framework for critical decision-making
  • Advocated for heightened consciousness in effective leadership
  • Provided individuals with practical tools for overcoming challenges
  • Authored two books and two comics
  • Facilitated over 2,000 workshops and coached more than 20,000 people



  • Dedicated to inspiring and supporting CEOs to lead with serenity, especially during disruptive times
  • Aim to help CEOs make impactful decisions, unleash their full potential, and inspire their teams
  • "MAT's unique journey and expertise position him as an invaluable resource for leaders striving to excel and balance business complexities with personal fulfillment."

Marc-Antoine Tschopp


Week 1 - Setting the scene

Start the journey

  • Measure your toxicity, consciousness and stress level, and leadership style
  • Understand the importance of serenity during disruptive times
  • Embrace the path to becoming a more agile and purpose-driven leader

Navigate the Storm Within

  • Realize that there is no such thing as chance in leadership
  • Dive beneath the surface to uncover hidden insights.
  • Learn to make decisions aligned with your values

Choose Your Path:  Survive or Thrive

  • Explore the survival instinct and its role in decision-making
  • Balance the needs of body, mind, and spirit in leadership.
  • Discover the four fundamental human qualities that enhance leadership

Make a friend with your Ego, your Double-Edged Sword

  • Understand the influence of ego on leadership decisions
  • Harness your ego's power while maintaining humility
  • Use your ego as a tool for self-awareness and growth

The SURVIVAL Mindset

  • How do we behave when there Is not enough
  • Explore the scarcity mindset and its impact on leadership
  • Shift toward abundance and resourcefulness
  • Learn to transform limitations into opportunities

The ABUNDANT Mindset 

  • Trust your intuition and inner wisdom as a leader.
  • Reconnect with your authentic self and instincts.
  • Understand how to make decisions based on your true purpose

The MAP: Navigating the Storm with Strategies

  • Explore the ten survival strategies in leadership
  • Learn how to balance fight, flight, and freeze responses
  • Discover how to adapt to different situations effectively

Week 2 - The Six-Step Framework

Step 1: PAUSE

  • Understand the importance of pausing in decision-making
  • Practice silence and mindful breathing
  • Embrace the power of calm and reflection in leadership


  • Cultivate the art of observing physical sensations, emotions, and thoughts
  • Gain insights into your internal world
  • Develop a deep understanding of self and others

Step 3: DECIDE

  • Harness the ability to respond rather than react
  • Trust your intuition and gut instincts in leadership
  • Navigate towards your true north in decision-making


  • Prioritize self-love and self-care in leadership
  • Connect with your strengths and values
  • Transform your wounds into superpowers for decision-making


  • Strengthen happiness and trust in your professional and personal relationships
  • Communicate authentically and resolve conflicts constructively
  • Cultivate meaningful and authentic connections with others


  • Embrace detachment and the impermanence of life in leadership
  • Lighten your emotional backpack for serenity
  • Practice compassionate leadership without expecting reciprocation

Week 3 - Strategies for Abundance


  • Infuse your leadership with humor and lightness
  • Learn to navigate challenges with a smile.


  • Build trust as a foundation of leadership
  • Cultivate an atmosphere of positivity in your organization


  • Learn the art of compromise in leadership decisions


  • Understand that we are all actors and choose which role you want to play


  • Embrace empathy as a tool for understanding others
  • Strengthen relationships through trust and empathy
  • Lead with empathy and kindness in all decisions


  • Collaborate and co-create with your team for abundance


  • Cultivate gratitude as a source of abundance and well-being


  • Understand the transformative power of forgiveness in leadership
  • Lead with a heart full of appreciation and forgiveness


  • Embrace compassion as a cornerstone of your leadership style
  • Extend compassion to yourself and others.


  • Reflect on your journey of elevating CEO consciousness
  • Commit to ongoing growth in leadership
  • Lead with serenity, abundance, and purpose in times of disruption

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